About the Challenge

The Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI) and the US Embassy are teaming up to support Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Indonesia through the first of it’s kind IP APP Challenge!

We are aiming to promote IP through mobile apps.  If you are a mobile app developer and want to develop a cool app that can promote IP, then enter to win $5,000 to support your development, marketing, and launch of your app!

Enter to win $5,000 to develop, market, and launch your app!

Any mobile app on any platform is eligible for the prize as long as it somehow promotes IP.

To enter all you need is a mockup or a demo of the app!

Any platform is eligible for the award: Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad), Windows Phone 7, Windows 8, Blackberry RIM
Games, Social Networking, Education, eCommerce, Mapping, …and more, use your imagination!

If you are selected GEPI and the US Embassy will support you with $5,000 to develop your app and get it ready for a full launch on an App Store.  Additionally, we will work with you to help promote your app.  You (and your team) will be featured alongside the US as we show off your awesome app during the World Intellectual Property day next March.  So, you will for sure get a ton of media attention.

We have 2 awards of $5,000 available.

  • $5,000 award for students mobile developers and hackers
  • $5,000 award for professionals

Teams welcome!  We allow entry in teams of up to 5 hackers or individuals.





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What is IP?

The Intellectual Property Rights App Challenge aims to increase the Indonesian public awareness on intellectual property (IP) protection and enforcement in Indonesia through their mobile phones, which is the primary source of information and communication for Indonesian youth and young professionals, particularly in urban areas.

IP protection is a major concern in Indonesia.  The business software alliance estimates that over 87% of software on PCs in Indonesia is pirated and Indonesia is a haven for pirated movies and music.

Protecting IP is critical to further developing and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in Indonesia which will greatly enhance economic and social development.  IP is everyone’s business.

To find out more, visit the important sites on the navigation bar.

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Enter the Challenge!

So, you feel you have what it takes to develop a mobile app that will generate excitement for Intellectual Property?

Is it a addictive game like Angry Birds?  Is it a social app like FourSquare, or maybe an Authentic Goods Price Comparison app? Well, you are in the right place.  But first, some details and terms of the competition.  Read carefully!

To be eligible for the $5,000 award and a trip to Jakarta for those living outside of the Greater Jakarter Area you have to submit the following:

  • A completed entry form
  • A “demo” of the app
  • Identification proving your status as a student or professional

Key Dates:

  • October 10, 2012: @america IP App Challenge Workshop
  • October 31, 2012: Submission of entry forms and a barebones demo (does not have to be full functional app, mockup is acceptable)
  • November 29, 2012: Final judging @america in Jakarta at a Demo Night
  • April 26 2013: Full launch and media event advertising your awesome, game-changing mobile app

The Challenge

  • The finalists will be determined by a panel of judges from U.S. Embassy Jakarta, GEPI, IP experts and app development specialists.  Finalists will present a live demo of the app to a panel of judges, tentatively, on November 29, 2012 in Jakarta.  (Note: A round trip transportation cost and $50 of additional expenses will be reimbursed for up to one finalist (1 representative from each team) located outside the greater Jakarta area.)
  • The judges shall select the developer on the basis of which Entry they consider to be the most worthy, based upon the following criteria:
    • Likelihood of reaching Indonesian public
    • Impact to IP awareness
    • Impact to IP enforcement
    • Impact to IP protection
    • Uniqueness
    • Functionality
    • Design
  • The selected developer in each category will receive $ 5,000 in three tranches (percentage to be mutually agreed later), upon successful development review.
    • Tranche 1: Shortly after the app developer is chosen.
    • Tranche 2: Two months later, upon satisfying development review.
    • Tranche 3: Two months later or shortly after app development is complete, upon satisfying development review
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